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Redacción. Un vídeo de una niña de 3 años saludando a su hermano con el que solía pelear constantemente ha tenido miles de visitas en las redes sociales. Ava y Tariq Jackson, dos hermanos que viven fuera de Philadephia, solían pelearse constantemente. Su madre, Verlonda Jackson, decidió grabar el momento en que se reunieron después de que Tariq comenzara a asistir a la escuela por primera vez.

El video muestra a ambos abrazándose con entusiasmo después de que Tariq se baja del autobús escolar. Verlonda dice que grabó el vídeo para mostrarle a su esposo. «Cuando los veo pelear me dan ganas de gritar o llorar, o ambas cosas», escribió en Instagram. «Me pregunto qué estamos haciendo mal como padres.»

Pero todo cambio cuando Tariq comenzó el jardín de infacnia, «se saludan con abrazos, besos y caminan a casa cogidos de la mano diciendo cosas como,’eres mi persona favorita'», escribió Verlonda. «En ese momento es cuando siento que estamos haciendo algo bien respecto a su educación».



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I consider myself to be a fairly tolerant parent. I don’t mind spoiling. If my kids don’t want veggies on their plate at dinner I don’t force them to eat it. And I don’t limit their television viewing all that much as long as they read just as many books. There are a handful of things, however, that can tip me over the edge into that dangerous place of rage, sadness, and self-doubt. Not listening is a big one. Whining is another. But nothing frustrates me more than when my kids fight with each other. They fight over whose turn it is with the iPad, who has more time with the iPad, and who is better at whatever game they are currently playing on the iPad. They fight over who got the bigger piece of cake, more frosting, the better plate. They call each other names and dole out insults like “you’re a butt” and “no YOU’RE a butt.” Sometimes the fighting makes me want to scream or cry, or both. I wonder what I’m doing wrong as a parent, and I lament the fact that two of the people I love the most don’t seem to like each other at times. There are days when it seems like the vast majority of their interactions are acrimonious, hostile, and exasperating. But every afternoon at 4:04pm when my son gets off the school bus from kindergarten, this happens…….they greet each other with hugs, kisses, and walk home arm and arm saying things like, “Your my favorite person.” “Thanks. Your my favorite person, too.” As a parent that’s the best I can hope for. That my babies will fight and forgive. That they will practice what it means to be a human with each other. That they will learn when to stand their ground and when to let something go. That they will learn to be siblings, maybe even favorites. ❤️ #Love

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